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Very well done. Nice concept for Santa's origin and very touching too. The most powerful part was when the shadows are moving to Jesus which, in my own interpretation, represents people's sins, and thus cleansing us from our sins so he died on the cross for our salvation. The background score of that part was very powerful too which could move anyone who'll be watching this. So I say perfect choice of music.

PS: Thank you so much for submitting this. This is honestly my niece's (my brother's daughter) favorite flash here on Newgrounds. She's still a baby and she behaves quite well when I play this flash for her. This is one of my favorites too.

Hope to see more videos from you

All your submissions are great. I especially love your Bitey animations. I'm loving Bitey too. I like how you direct the sequencing. You're very good at it and nice tone and music. This submission makes Bitey more interesting.This is absolutely one of my favorites

Haha, Bitey is a prankster. And yes, the yellow, fat creature is so cute. I agree with the user below.

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I wouldn't get to play this game if it weren't for my younger sister. Wow, this game is really good. Simple yet satisfying

The game is quite great. The atmosphere and the mystery both played out well. I'm just curious about one thing. What's the best ending for this? It seems to me that the green gem is the best ending than the blue one. The green one kind of produced a barrier that blocks the shadow monster from entering. I guess I'll just believe that I got the best ending during my first try.

Was able to decipher the code simply coz I had to play Cube Escape: Seasons. Took me a while to figure out the code for the blue gem. Smart puzzle

I feel empty now that it's over. I wish it was longer. I beat the game in just one day which proves of how addicting the game really is. Of all the party members, Vhern was the farthest behind(still level 5 while the rest are level 9) but at the end of the chapter, he had the most experience of them all. He deals hella damage that I make sure he doesn't die. I don't mind the boss turning Emela into a zombie. She deals 0 damage when she turns into one to any of us and it's a free Phoenix down for me, lol.

Overall, it was a really amazing game. Fun game and very interesting. I look forward to the next chapter!

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Very impressive. I've had drawings in MS Paint too but they weren't as good as this. Yours are amazing. Drawing using the MS Paint is not easy and I personally know it based on experience. But being able to produce such as this one with great details is absolutely amazing.

Exedor responds:

Thanks! I was bored at my work computer. When you're bored, you have more time to spend on things. :)

It's amazing. It feels like it'd take forever to make a ship model that is as good as this

Exedor responds:

This took an entire year to build. :)

You're amazing! You're so good at sketching

Exedor responds:

Thanks! I'll remake this one eventually. It'll be colored and hopefully better.

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